2 Hour Dogsledding Experience


2 Hour Dogsledding Adventure - Intro to Dogsledding 

Includes hands on interaction with our dogs, involvement in harnessing and hook-up, learning commands, stories about our kennel & dogs ... or if you prefer, just going for a great dog sled ride! Get ready for incredible views of the White Mountains (we say our dogs have the best view in the valley) and beautiful trails. This ride is for families on vacation and couples that want "full immersion" in the world of dogsledding. See where the dogs live, interact with them in their home setting as the White Mountains tower over you in the distance and go for an amazing ride. This option is perfect for kids to get on the back of the sled with the musher, shout commands and even help drive the team! Trails are "musher's choice" to get the best snow and adventure on the day of your visit. 


  • Educational component - 40 minutes - meet & snuggle our dogs, help harness, learn about the gear and sleds, etc.
  • Ride Component - Sled Time will range widely from 50 minutes to 75 minutes based on trail conditions and the team we choose for you!
  • Wrap Up - 10-20 minutes, thank your rockstar canine athletes, hand out cookies, ask any questions that came up during your experience.

Muddy Paw Deals - "Shared Time":
One of our popular kennel based options, we offer the opportunity for your family to "split" the time with your 4 person group for a Presidential Range Ride. Instead of purchasing two sleds for a family of four, you can choose this cost cutting option to share the time by shortening each component and sharing your musher and team. One set of guests goes out on a shorter ride while the other guests remain back and then they swap. This shortens the ride time and family members are not all out on the trail at the same time, however it's a great cost cutting option. When utilizing the link online to schedule your own "shared time" experience, you must make a detailed note to us and check in with our staff to verify.

Dogs for Adoption

When a dog comes to our kennel it has a home for life. Most of our retired sled dogs wind up on our couch or going home with one of our mushers. While we'd like to keep them all, sometimes we know it's best for the dog to find them a spot next to a woodstove and an active family to be their new forever-family. Read more


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