3 Hour Dog Sledding Experience


3 Hour Dogsledding Adventure -  
All the hands on interaction of our kennel experiences, with deeper trail exporation into the forests and mountains surrounding our kennel. Experience breathtaking views, authentic trail, higher elevation, and a remote "backwoods" feel. This trip was designed for couples and families that wanted to get out into the deep woods and spend a great deal of time with their team/ride component of the experience. After a short hands on meet-n-greet and helping to harness your team, you will sprint off into the snow crusted winter wonderland along a beautiful rideline. If conditions allow, you may find yourself winding up to a place that feels like the top of the world, the Icy Gulch or your musher may choose to spirit you into the dense pines and winding trails below. Help drive the team when conditions and musher discretion allow or snuggle up in the sleeping bag and take in the nature that surrounds you. Always an adventure, we've seen moose, deer, evidence of bear and "Narnia-like" natural beauty in the White Mountain National Forest. As you wind up, up, up into the mountains, take a moment to turn around... you won't be the first or the last to gasp at the view that has opened up behind you! All trip times are highly approximate and vary quite widely based on trail conditions and your individual dog team for the day of your reservation... that's the best part about working with animals, it's always an adventure!


  • Intro - Meet your team, Help to harness and hitch the team to the sled, approx. 30-44 minutes
  • Ride - "Sled Time" of approx. 2 hours based on trail conditions & the team we choose for you!
  • Wrap-up - Thank your dogs, help take them from the gangline, get some last minute snuggles, approx. 20 minutes. 

Dogs for Adoption

When a dog comes to our kennel it has a home for life. Most of our retired sled dogs wind up on our couch or going home with one of our mushers. While we'd like to keep them all, sometimes we know it's best for the dog to find them a spot next to a woodstove and an active family to be their new forever-family. Read more


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