1/2 Day Clinic


"Dog Sledding Clinic ... Learn To Be A Musher!" Half Day
We developed our clinics for our adventurous guests that have dreamed their entire lives about learning about driving their own team. Maybe you've read Jack London's Call of the Wild or watched Snow Dogs, & maybe your son/daughter has begged for years for their own dog team... this trip will satisfy that itch! Imagine learning everything you need to know to drive a dogsled team and then doing it, traversing up to 22 miles with your own team waiting for your command to "hike, gee or haw". Our experienced mushers have come from all over the country to spend a half day with you teaching you everything they know about dogsledding. Ask questions, learn how to run sled dogs and maybe come away with some tips to use with your working dog at home. Have a personal dog that you'd like to bring? Call for details and special arrangements for a personalized clinics & training sessions.

Guests will:  

  • Learn about all aspects of modern dog sledding & gain in-depth knowledge of the gear and dogs.
  • Go on a dogsled ride.
  • Learn how to drive a team... and do it! (at musher discretion based on age and physical ability). Be in control of your own team and sled while "chasing" our experienced mushers down beautiful, snowy terrain.
  • Learn how to train commands and correct problem behavior.


Dogs for Adoption

When a dog comes to our kennel it has a home for life. Most of our retired sled dogs wind up on our couch or going home with one of our mushers. While we'd like to keep them all, sometimes we know it's best for the dog to find them a spot next to a woodstove and an active family to be their new forever-family. Read more


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