Meet the Staff


Neil Beaulieu

Founder, Musher & Raft Guide 

A born and raised "Mainer", Neil has over 22 years of guiding experience. When he isn't on the river or snowpacked trails behind a team of sled dogs, he is in the classroom sharing his knoweldge of science with elementary students.

Karen Beck

Musher & Photographer

Traveling since birth, Karen has a strong thirst for adventure travel and a great appreciation of the beauty in the world around her. She has survived working during the cold, dark, winter months of Antarctica, traipsed about New Zealand, Glacier National Park and Yellowstone to name a few places. Now she finds herself in the beautiful White Mountains falling in love with the dogs at Muddy Paw. When not mushing, Karen is at home in nature usually hiking and always with a camera in hand. She has a passion for capturing the beauty of the world in photographs.


Brianna Boiselle


Hoping to one day open her own dog rescue, Brianna joined the Muddy Paw team. She is equally comfortable snuggling with one of her many favorite dogs or wrangling Malamutes that are bigger than she is.  


Nathan Wells


A Muddy Paw original who started the kennel with Neil, Nathan's love for our "Fluffy Butts" has driven him to return to the world of dog sledding nearly a decade later. After sledding, Nathan removes his trapper hat and picks up a microphone to sing in his band "Epic Season" (


Emma Burnell-Demers

Office Manager

AKA "the girl I spoke to earlier" is the Muddy Paw Sled Dog Kennel reservationist who is prepared to answer all your dog sledding questions! When Emma isn't answering the phone she is often playing with her one-eyed Australian Cattle Dog.

AJ Staff Pic


Musher & Raft Guide 

AJ's passion is driving sled dogs and being a white water raft guide! This will be her third year with the company and she tells us that she's looking forward to every day she gets to spend on the river or with the dogs. AJ is a Californian native, but New Hampshire is where her heart is.

Larry Staff Pic


Musher & Raft Guide

Larry is a 3rd year Maine Guide and Dog Musher who is a self described "professional wanderer."  When he's not running rivers and training sled dogs, you can often find him at swap meets agressively trading in fine linens and silks.  He often moonlights as a bootleg DVD salesmen in America's subway systems. If he's your guide...enjoy!!



Musher & Raft Guide

Sean is an avid musher and whitewater enthusiast. When he isn't rafting or spending time with his pups, Sean can be found grooming his glorious beard or restoring American Muscle cars.


Dogs for Adoption

When a dog comes to our kennel it has a home for life. Most of our retired sled dogs wind up on our couch or going home with one of our mushers. While we'd like to keep them all, sometimes we know it's best for the dog to find them a spot next to a woodstove and an active family to be their new forever-family. Read more


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