Meet the Staff

Neil Beaulieu
Owner of MPSDK

Raised in Maine, hunting & fishing. Registered Professional Maine Guide for 14 years. Got  out of grad school, took off to Alaska to be a school teacher  and learned to drive dogs on the windy trails of the Kuskokwim River in the interior village of McGrath, Alaska. Returned to NH with 13 dogs and never looked back. Neil supports his dog habit by working as a high school science teacher.
Karen Tolin
Musher, Partner in MPSDK

Tree hugging vegetarian that grew up in NJ with a love of dog training. Moved to NH over 6 years ago, completed her Masters in School Counseling and joined the MPSDK team. Fell in love with sled dogs and introducing guests to the sport.  Her favorite thing about the kennel is giving great dogs a second chance and a home for life. Karen buys her own kibble and vet care by working as a counselor at a local high school.
Jonathan Hayes
Kennel Manager

Whether it be rocking out on the stage in his band, "Tennessee Haze" or racing the Can Am Wilderness Race, Jonathan brings his adventure stories to every tour. Originally from Tennessee, Jonathan joined the Marines and then moved to Fort Kent, Maine where he ran his own kennel of Seppala siberians for over a decade. He even wrote his own book, "MUSH: The Parable of the Dogsled Team." Now in New Hampshire, Jonathan is hoping to continue pursuing the two constants in his life: music and mushing. 
Karen "K2" Beck

Traveling since birth, Karen has a strong thirst for adventure travel and a great appreciation of the beauty in the world around her. She has survived working during the cold, dark, winter months of Antarctica, traipsed about New Zealand, Glacier National Park and Yellowstone to name a few places. Now she finds herself in the beautiful White Mountains falling in love with the dogs at Muddy Paw. When not mushing, Karen is at home in nature usually hiking and always with a camera in hand. She has a passion for capturing the beauty of the world in photographs.
Dylan "Flash" Berger

From the Conservation Corps to trail-building across the Rockies, Flash is legendary for his speed.  It allowed him to excel as a competetive rower during his time at UVM.  Back home he can be seen racing against his snow-loving terrier through the Connecticut wilderness.  Now he spends his days blazing fiery trails with his team of sled dogs.
Caleb "Wrangler" Huizinga

The resident Canadian on staff, Caleb grew up in southern Alberta. After graduating with a bachelors degree in accounting he decided to put all that education to good use and he moved to the front range of Colorado to teach archery and work with horses. With adventure still calling him, Caleb decided to brave the cold and learn the sport of dogsledding. While the Rockies may call him back one day, he is excited to be here at Muddy Paw and is relishing every moment of it. Go Hawks!!
Matt "Hollywood" Krabacher

Raised in the potato state’s northern panhandle, Matt was raised an adventurer. Six years after finishing high school he has lived in Colorado, North Dakota, Oregon, Alaska, Northern India and the Netherlands before joining up with the MPSDK team in New Hampshire. He has traveled all around Europe, Mexico, Canada and the US. His severe addiction to the outdoors and general adrenaline has led him to a life of dogsledding, skiing, rock climbing, distance hiking, and travel. This addiction has also allowed for the development of a severe fear of the white collar, 9 to 5 lifestyle.
Brianna Boiselle

Hoping to one day open her own dog rescue, Brianna joined the Muddy Paw team.  She is equally comfortable snuggling with one of her many favorite dogs or wrangling Malamutes that are bigger than she is.  
Nathan Wells

A Muddy Paw original who started the kennel with Neil, Nathan's love for our "Fluffy Butts" has driven him to return to the world of dog sledding nearly a decade later.  After sledding, Nathan removes his trapper hat and picks up a microphone to sing in his band, "Epic Season" (
Emma Burnell-Demers
Office Manager

AKA "the girl I spoke to earlier" is the Muddy Paw Sled Dog Kennel reservationist who is prepared to answer all your dogsledding questions! When Emma isn't answering the phone she is often playing with her one-eyed Australian Cattle Dog.


Dogs for Adoption

When a dog comes to our kennel it has a home for life. Most of our retired sled dogs wind up on our couch or going home with one of our mushers. While we'd like to keep them all, sometimes we know it's best for the dog to find them a spot next to a woodstove and an active family to be their new forever-family. Read more


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